Directed by Aoífe Doyle

Created by Seán Casey and Aoífe Doyle

Produced by Niamh Herrity


Series one in Development. 52 x 11 minute episodes.

Proof of concept trailer for an action comedy tv series in development at the studio. Targeting the 6-9 age group “Rova-Novas” follows an elite galactic team that protect cute puppies from harm and the forces of evil.

When distressed earth puppies how at the moon their call for help is heard by the inhabitants of kennel krater, The Rova-Novas. These alien creatures with K9 traits are the dedicated guardians of earth’s puppies! Under the watchful eye of their teacher Professor Puggington, a specially gifted team of six set out on missions aboard their ship the Tail Blazer to protect, guide and rescue young puppies all over the world, and keep them safe from the clutches of Professor Rotten-Viler.

“OMD”…Oh my Dog, this action comedy will make you roll over with laughter. Each missions an adventure, saving pups from danger.






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